The concept

Following the introduction of soap-based and synthetic conveyor belt lubricants, we are pleased to present the WEICOLUB®-WL product line, which is a totally new concept for the transportation of containers on metal and plastic conveyor belts

With this development, we have managed to combine economical and ecological advantages.

The Idea

Wet conveyor belt lubrication in the form of synthetic products has been state of the art until now. As a consequence of the highly-priced and ever-diminishing resource water, it is no longer acceptable to waste such large quantities of fresh water for container transportation. For this reason, a totally new product concept has been developed with WEICOLUB®-WL. This concept meets all demands placed on a conveyor belt lubricant in an exceptional manner and supports responsible water management.

The Advantages

... compared to wet conveyor belt lubrication

  • Up to 85% fresh and waste water savings with related cost savings and improvement of the ecological balance.
  • Noticeably improved lubricating effect.
  • No foam formation on the conveyor belts and thus no rejections at the inspector
  • Less moisture in packaged goods due to dryer bottle bottoms
  • Foam-free and virtually dry filling plant floors
  • Less mechanical scuffing due to a lower coefficient of friction
  • Application independent of container and conveyor belt material
  • Excellent lubrication also with glass containers on stainless steel conveyor belts.
  • No increased mechanical stress of chains.
  • No black deposits on conveyor belts or bottle bottoms.
  • No new or additional nozzles and/or pipes necessary as existing distribution systems can be used
  • No increased cleaning due to self-cleaning effect of the products
  • Ideally combinable with our proven disinfection additive WEICOLUB®-DES for improved microbiology