The Challenge of Tomorrow

Since 1963, Tensid-Chemie has been well-known as an innovative company whose continued success story can be equally attributed to future-oriented products, responsible concepts, environmentally sound technology and practice-oriented development.

The basis of this success story are our well-educated employees who undergo continuous further training and see the demands of our customers for efficient, ecologically compatible products and comprehensive service as a personal challenge. Under hygiene, we understand much more than just cleanliness. Hygiene always also means trust, for which we use all our know-how and experience daily, all over the world.

As a result, we do not just develop products for the beverage industry, in which we have been successfully maintaining market leadership in Germany in the areas of bottle cleaning and conveyor lubrication for many years.

Supplementary to this wide spectrum of products, we also offer services that meet customer requirements, from application technology and process optimization to dosing and control technology.

Our portfolio also comprises high-quality products for agriculture, dairies and the food processing industry as well as for institutional use.

Researching for Innovative Solutions

Tensid-Chemie relies on foresight in the areas of research and development, as well. The best-possible answer to the require- ments of today and tomorrow for our customers – this is what Tensid-Chemie is known for.

In our production facilities, teams of highly qualified chemists, engineers and laboratory assistants deal exclusively with research and product evolution in all areas of cleaning, disinfection, conveyor lubrication and water treatment for the food and beverage industry, institutional use and agriculture.

Quality assurance and environmental concepts make up a large part of our development: continuous quality controls (with the cooperation of external institutes as required) and practiced ecological responsi- bility are a matter of course for us.

Guarantee for High Product Quality

We manufacture high-quality products – without any compromises. For this reason, all our own production facilities are certified according to DIN ISO 9001. In addition, we have numerous country- specific and customer-specific approvals.

In our production facilities, we have also created optimum conditions for the manufacturing of our superior products. This includes not only batch-related production in close co-ordination with the laboratory and logistics and an anti- cipatory maintenance of our production facilities, but also continuous investment in the optimization and expansion of our production facilities themselves.

An additional important aspect of our manufacturing process is ecology because what we already practice today in terms of environmentally sound procedures will have a positive effect on future generations. We are conscious of this responsibility and have thus been certified according to DIN ISO 14001.

Ecological and Economical Concepts – For Our Customers – With Our Customers

For Tensid-Chemie, product development does not end with manufacturing, but of course also comprises the area of product application within the scope of holistic ecological responsibility.

Customer proximity is an important part of our services. In continuous dialogue bet- ween our customers, our technical sales force and our laboratory, individual solutions arise for individual tasks in all areas of hygiene. Based on our extensive experience, we have developed a number of special methods and tools with which we are able to support our customers optimally, especially in the particularly important areas of time and resource savings, which are so decisive for the future.

Due to regular service intervals, our technical field service guarantees that our products can be used by our customers in a hygiene-conscious, environmentally sound and cost-effective manner.

“As much as necessary, as little as possible”: according to this motto, Tensid-Chemie also develops tailor-made dosing and storage concepts under consi- deration of customer-specific conditions. Only in this way the economical and ecological concept of sustainability – the optimization of the product application with a simultaneous reduction of water and energy consumption – can be realized within the scope of our customers and environment.

Sustainability by experience!